Call for: Expressions of interest

Program: Technology and Innovation

Deadline: August 21, 2019 by 23:30 (EDT)


  • Access to education
  • Knowledge
  • Basic education
  • Public education
  • Quality of education

Duration: 50 months

Funded by: Global Partnership for Education and IDRC


Central Asia, Europe, Far East Asia, Middle East, North and Central America, North of Sahara, Oceania, South America, South Asia, South of Sahara, West Indies.


Candidates must

  • Be located in a KIX hub region of focus (two regional KIX hubs will be located in Africa; one in Latin America and the Caribbean; and one hub will represent countries from South, Southeast and Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, and the Pacific Islands).
  • Be legally founded and registered in the country of operation. **This requirement has been amended. Applicants are required only to be registered in the country of operation. Amended July 19, 2019.
  • Demonstrate a strong track record of facilitating knowledge exchanges and capacity building among policy actors.
  • Demonstrate substantial expertise in the field of education policies.
  • Provide evidence that the organization has the basic systems, resources, and management capacity to succeed in organizing multi-stakeholder learning exchanges.
  • Demonstrate that their programmatic strategies and mandate are relevant to the KIX hub.


This call seeks organizations or groups of organizations interested in applying to become a regional learning partner (RLP). RLPs will design and operate one of four regional Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) hubs. This is a critical knowledge brokering function in the Global Partnership for Education’s new KIX program.

More information in the site oficial Here

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