The Eiffel scholarship programme is a tool developed by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs to enable French higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students in master’s and doctoral level diplomas.

It enables future foreign decision-makers from the private and public sectors to be trained in priority areas of study, and also stimulates applications from students from emerging countries and countries up to 30 years of age for the master’s level, and from emerging and industrialized countries and up to 35 years of age for the doctoral level.

The four main fields of study targeted by the Eiffel Fellowships are:

  • Law;
  • Economics and administration;
  • Engineering, for the master’s level,
    Sciences in the broad sense for the doctoral level (engineering and exact sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry and life sciences and biotechnologies, earth, universe and environmental sciences, information and communication sciences and technologies);
  • Political science.

The French institutions of higher education which present candidates for the Eiffel programme undertake to enrol them:

  • To formations sanctioned by a master’s degree;
  • A formation sanctioned by a diploma of engineering;
  • To doctoral training within the framework of a co-guardianship or co-direction of thesis with a partner foreign higher education institution.

Eiffel scholars charge a monthly amount of €1,181 (€1,031 for living expenses + €150 monthly amount), to which is added the direct payment of various benefits:

  • International transport: an international transport ticket comprising a round-trip air ticket, Country of origin – France;
  • Domestic transport: travel by train to the first place of stay and from the last place of stay to the airport for the return;
  • Local transport: reimbursement of up to a maximum of 50 euros for the scholarship student’s journey between the airport or station and their first place of accommodation (taxi or collective transport…);
  • Campus France social protection for as long as it takes to join the French social security system for non-nationals of the European Economic Area;
  • Complementary medical insurance;
  • Cultural activities.
  • They may also benefit, under certain conditions, from additional housing assistance within 3 months of signing the rental contract.

Scholarship Deadline: January 09, 2020

More information on the official site Here

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