The objective of the Fund is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Bank’s borrowing member countries to support the design and implementation of transparency and anti-corruption policies, mechanisms and tools.

Public or private sector entities (governments, civil society organizations, private foundations) of any IDB member country are eligible to apply for funding from the AAF. Proposed initiatives may be regional, national or sub-national in application.

  • Financial Integrity: support is directed to the prevention and control of money laundering and the strengthening of fiscal transparency; in order to increase the institutional capacity of the Bank’s member countries to prepare diagnoses, improve legislation and implement strategies to strengthen financial integrity.
  • Control Systems: the objective in this area is to support countries in strengthening regulatory frameworks; design and implement innovative control and audit tools; develop systems for sharing information among control entities; and generate opportunities for South-South dialogue and cooperation.
  • Governance of Natural Resources: the fundamental purpose is to support countries in the development of diagnostics and action plans to implement transparency standards, including those of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI); design systems to facilitate access to information; provide technical advice on the review of laws and regulations; and support the creation of knowledge and applied research.
  • Open Government: the objective is to conduct evaluations, design and monitor open government policies, strategies and action plans; to help countries create or strengthen their capacities through the implementation of innovative open government solutions; and, to promote South-South and extra-regional cooperation, as well as the Bank’s strategic and regional policy dialogue, through the generation and dissemination of knowledge and good practices.
Eligible Activities

Initiatives that promote the design and implementation of transparency, integrity and anti-corruption policies, mechanisms and tools.

Support for the preparation, execution and/or evaluation of investment projects or technical assistance, financed with resources from other Bank funds, aimed at promoting transparency.

Financing proposals may come from public entities, the Bank itself, civil society organizations, and regional and sub-regional entities that have legal personality to receive non-reimbursable technical assistance resources.

How to submit proposals to the transparency fund?

To submit proposals to the Transparency Fund, interested organizations are required to contact the Technical Secretariat of the Fund (see contacts on this page) or an IDB specialist in the interested country, who will review and endorse the project. If the project is aligned with the work priorities between the Bank and the country, the Bank specialist should send an expression of interest to the Bank’s Fund Management and Co-financing Division (VPC/GCM) to identify a source of financing. If the TTF is considered the fund that best suits the financing needs, VPC/GCM will send the proposal to the Fund’s Technical Advisor who will follow up the project with the team.

All proposals submitted to the Transparency Fund must follow the Bank’s standard policies for processing and approving technical cooperation projects.

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