The award recognizes and promotes outstanding achievements in the context of areas of sustainability. It also recognizes people who demonstrate that globalization can be more than maximizing profits at the expense of most people around the world. Special attention will be paid in the selection process to real innovation, role models and role potential that could be improved and “globalized”.

Nominations for the international WORLD AWARD can be sent from any country in the world. OWA has no preferences with respect to certain geographic regions. The nomination procedure is very flexible and open, to allow for a wide variety of candidates. Nominations may be submitted by individuals or by organizations.

The OWA award ceremony will take place in Rapunzel in Legau / Allgäu in September 2020 in the context of a major gala event. 

45,000, The OWA Jury selects five winners from the five OWA
nominations submitted.

Registration Deadline: 30 September 2019

For more information visit the official site Here

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