Washington University in St. Louis offers undergraduate scholarships to international students through its Annika Rodriguez scholarship program.

This scholarship program recognizes exceptional international students who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership skills and passion for community service.

In this way, the program seeks to promote a diverse and high quality student body.


Students who apply to university undergraduate programs may apply to Annika Rodriguez scholarships.

To do this they must complete an application for the program and another for the scholarship, as well as include additional letters of recommendation.


The people selected for the scholarship will receive personalized guidance, meetings with community and university leaders, academic support and advice.

Likewise, they will receive a seminar during their first year and will have the possibility to participate in various events together with the other fellows.

The program offers multiple scholarships that include 100% of the tuition, plus a stipend of $ 2,500. Scholarships that cover tuition partially are also offered.

To apply for the Annika Rodriguez Scholarship Program:

  • Submit an application for admission to the Class of 2024.
  • Log in to WashU Pathway and submit the application separately for the Rodriguez Scholars Program.
  • Write a short answer (150 words) to the following question:
    Describe a high school or community activity in which you have taken the initiative. What were the challenges and the results? You learned?
  • Write a short essay (250 words) on the following topic:
    Consider the biography of Annika Rodriguez and reflect on her commitment to bring together various groups and / or celebrate the cultures of different peoples. How do you show this commitment? How do your service activities show your dedication to the ideals adopted by the Rodríguez Scholars Program?
  • Send an (third) additional letter of recommendation from a member of your community who knows you well. If you send a “other” letter of recommendation through the Common Request or the Coalition Request, that letter can be used.
  • All applications must be submitted before January 2, 2020 and completed in our office before January 6, 2020. For your best consideration, we recommend that you submit your applications before December 15, 2019.

For more information visit the Official Site Here

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