Economic support for entrepreneurs with ideas to generate change

The Catalyst Fund provides grants to individuals or groups, non-traditional sources, who present an innovative idea for change. The ideas presented must demonstrate a high level of clarity, innovation, scalability, capacity and impact to be benefited.

The Catalyst Fund was created by the Roddenberry Foundation and aims to help those who have an innovative idea for real change to take the first step in doing so.

What does the Catalyst Fund fund?

The fund encourages the development of unconventional solutions and the creative thinking necessary to address today’s most critical problems.

There is no limit to the innovative idea. It can be an avant-garde product, an experimental program, a new service, an invention or an original game, among many other possibilities.

The idea has to improve or solve something already existing and have the potential to show a tangible and measurable impact.

The ideas can be replicated, taken to scale or they can take advantage of the already existing infrastructure according to the need of each one.

Proposals submitted by associations (public and private) that include those who will benefit are also supported.

Funding is considered a small grant. The amount ranges from USD$2,500 to USD$15,000.


The call does not limit participation, as long as a qualifying idea is submitted.

Participants may be individuals or teams from any part of the world that differs from conventional solutions.

More information on the official site Here

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