Hillman Journalism Awards


The call for the 2021 Hillman Awards is open.
Journalists and photographers can compete for a $5,000 prize.
The Sidney Hillman Foundation opens the call for its Hillman Awards, which recognize investigative and opinionated journalism that serves the common good. Since 1950, the Sidney Hillman Foundation has honored journalists, writers and public figures who engage in investigative and public policy journalism in the service of the common good. Sidney Hillman was the founding president of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, a predecessor union to Workers United, SEIU. Sidney Hillman, the architect of the New Deal, fought to build a vibrant union movement that would extend beyond the shop floor to all aspects of workers’ lives.
Journalists from around the world may apply, but the work must have been widely accessible to the American public.
This year’s categories include:
  • Book (bound volumes and electronic books)
  • Print journalism (story or series/print or online)
  • Magazine journalism (story or series/print or online)
  • Broadcast journalism (story/series/documentary of at least 20 minutes total length of the package that has aired on TV, radio or podcast)
  • Web journalism (story/series that did not appear in the written press) Open to blogs, photojournalism and other multimedia projects, as well as text
  • Opinion and analysis journalism (any media) Includes all types of promotion, opinion, commentary and analysis, usually brief and/or frequent, regardless of the medium. Open to newspaper and magazine columnists, television and radio presenters, podcasters, blogs and bloggers
The contest is open to journalists and topics from around the world, although the work must be targeted and widely accessible to the U.S. public. You can nominate your own work or someone else’s. You may enter on your own or be nominated by your organization.
Along with the cash prize, winners will receive a certificate and a trip to attend the awards ceremony in May 2021 in New York.
Deadline January 30, 2021.
There is no entry fee.
For more information visit the official site Here

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