Professional Resources for All

What can you find on our website?

  1. Development and recognition of specific competences and/or skills applicable to different jobs, which allows to increase productivity and labour competitiveness, includes certification of the professionals who generate the products, all this and more available in our Store.
  2. Advice on design, implementation and monitoring of ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 17024, Basc.
  3. Support in the development of academic papers, theses, essays, pre-projects, bibliographic review, etc.
  4. Information on calls for professional development scholarships offered by various organizations worldwide.
  5. Information on calls to present R + D + i projects (research, development and innovation).
  6. Video – Tutorials by: Work Competencies, Management Systems, Programming Languages, Mathematics and Systems.
  7. Resources to guide programming classes, Excel, (Basic, intermediate, advanced, financial and statistical), Word, PowerPoint, Quality management systems, systems audit, databases, Java, C #, research methodology, etc.
  8. Library of e-books for consultation and download, including titles in all areas of knowledge. (See instructions in the section Resources-Library).
  9. Social development, awareness campaigns and prevention of chronic diseases, information on scientific advances in the treatment of various diseases and psychological conditions.
  10. Visit our courses

We hope to contribute to the development of the professional activities of our colleagues around the world through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

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