ISO 17024


General requirements for organizations that carry out certification of people

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What is the certification of people?

Certifies the competence of the candidates understood as the set of knowledge, experiences and skills required and demonstrated for the effective development of the tasks entrusted.


Formal recognition of the independence and technical capacity of a conformity assessment body to carry out its work in compliance with internationally recognized requirements. Action carried out by an entity independent of the interested parties through which it is stated that an organization, product, process or service, meets the requirements defined in standards or technical specifications.

ISO/IEC 17024:2012   

Basis for the recognition of the certification bodies of persons and their certification schemes under which they certify persons, in order to facilitate their acceptance in the NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL fields.


  1. Promotes and facilitates the mobility of professionals
  2. Build trust among stakeholders
  3. Allows effective integration to the international trading system
  4. Revalues ​​the labor market
  5. Gives national recognition to the certification body
  6. It gives international recognition to the certification body
  7. Allows the generation of new revenue
  8. Increase the competitiveness of the industrial sectors


4. General requirements

Includes the following items

  1. Legal issues
  2. Responsibility for certification decision
  3. Fairness management
  4. Legal responsibility and financing

5. Requirements Relating to Structure

Includes the following items

  1. Management and structure of the organization
  2. Structure of the Certification body in relation to training activities

6. Requirements Relating to Resources

Includes the following items:

  1. General requirements of the staff
  2. Personnel involved in certification activities
  3. External contracting
  4. Another resources

7. Requirements Related to Records and Information

Includes the following items

  1. Registrations of applicants, candidates and certified persons
  2. Public information
  3. Confidentiality
  4. Security

8. Certification Scheme

9. Requirements Related to the Certification Process

Includes the following items:

  1. Application process
  2. Evaluation process
  3. Exam process
  4. Certification decision
  5. Suspend, withdraw or reduce the scope of certification
  6. Certification renewal process
  7. Use of certificates, logos and brands
  8. Appeals against certification decisions
  9. Complaints

10. Requirements Relating to the Management System

It includes the following items:

  1. Generalities
  2. General requirements the management system

Access templates, tools, presentations, and more about ISO 17024

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