This section exposes the various topics in which has ventured, sharing at low cost and within reach of all the material collected during the years of experience of our professional affiliates, which can be accessed from our store.

None of our members are authorized to apply for Bonuses in kind or cash in exchange for the material published in our store. In this sense, our premise as a non-profit working team and as the fundamental basis of the Progrezando Research Group is to facilitate access to information by all actors in our society who require it, both national and foreign.

Thematic areas in which you can find information:

  1. Development of Academic Works: support in the development of academic works of secondary, pre-degree, specialization, masters and research projects.
  2. International standards and standards: information, courses and support material in the planning, implementation and maintenance of various management systems.
  3. Calls, grants and projects: call information for undergraduate, postgraduate, specialized courses, financial support for the execution of projects in various areas, internships, professional practices, national and international job offers.
  4. Resources and Videos: Audiovisual support on various topics, archives and short guides.

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